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Imagine Wellness

Imagine Wellness

What does wellness look like to you? Where are you now and how do you imagine life might be for you as a result of behavior changes surrounding nutrition, fitness, or stress management? What do you really want for your life?

I began my wellness journey in earnest 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was confronted with the news that my sugar and cholesterol numbers were almost in the danger range. I knew I had the genetic predisposition for both of these conditions, and I also knew that scientifically/medically speaking genetic predisposition was responsible for approximately 30% of the reason I was now on high blood pressure medication and very nearly a diabetic. The other 70% of the responsibility rested squarely on my shoulders.

I am responsible for the choices I make with nutrition and physical activity. Those choices determine my wellness future and how much my family history would affect my life. I then began to think about just that question: “What does wellness look like to me?”

I began to imagine my life in an entirely different way:

  • I wanted to feel good about myself and my choices rather than persecuting myself for bad choices.
  • I wanted to feel joy and excitement about each day.
  • I wanted to feel good physically and be medication free.
  • I wanted to be physically able to enjoy a variety of activities and keep up with my nieces and nephews who are a significant part of my life.

Without realizing it, I had created a personal Wellness Vision – I had imagined a new way of life. My journey toward Wellness and Wellness Coaching had begun. While the journey has been had its ups and downs, complete with false steps and detours, I could keep that vision in my mind and always have it as a touchstone to which I could return.

We must first know where we want to go before we can determine the steps that are necessary to move toward that vision.

What do you want for your wellness future? How would your life be different if you make positive changes in your fitness activities, your nutrition choices, or your stress management choices? What is getting in the way of reaching that vision? What would you be doing that you cannot do now? How would you be feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally? Creating a Wellness Vision is the tool with which I began coaching each client. Just imagine, then make the call!

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