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Take the first step to a more vibrant you!

Are you thriving – living a vibrant, whole hearted life? Ready to envision a more fulfilling purposeful life? Ready to make a change to impact your quality of living? Ready to set goals to move you toward the life you want? Lock in your spot for 90 days of private coaching with Marica.

During your 90 days you will have a weekly call with Marcia for 45 minutes. These calls are designed to:

  • Formulate a Vision for your future
  • Establish Values true to you
  • Set Goals to achieve the result you want

For only $999 for 90 days of Wellness Coaching, you can make the choice to commit to yourself and make a change to impact the rest of your life.

How Coaching Works

A coach can be the difference between struggling to pass roadblocks and finding your way past them; the difference between walking alone and having an accountability partner; the difference between failure and success.

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Take the first step to a more vibrant you!

Personal Wellness Coaching

Partnering with a Wellness Coach will give you the information you need, empower you to believe in yourself, and lead to life-refreshing change. Alongside Marcia, you will catch a vision of a vibrant and vital YOU. Establish your Vision, Values, and Goals with Marcia in this private coaching session. As your wellness coach, Marcia partners with you to provide support and expertise to achieve your vision.

Personal Life Coaching

You may need help talking through a tough time such as a career transition or the loss of a loved one, or you may be seeking a partner on a longer journey towards a well-balanced life. People who engage in conversation with a Life Coach make faster, more informed decisions, feel more secure in the choices they make, and find that they have a great sense of clarity surrounding their future.