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You have accomplished so much in your life but you still feel something missing. It may be weight loss, stress management, or finding balance, but it has eluded you. MJ Keener Coaching can help you!

Catching a more vibrant vision of YOU is the first step to leading a life focused on wellness. Whether you’re looking for wellness coaching, life coaching, or just need to ask questions, Marcia and MJ Keener Coaching can be a partner for your goals.

Marcia Keener is a Certified Wellness Coach and life coach in Portland, Texas, who uses a holistic approach and partners with you to achieve your goal for a well-balanced life.

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“Marcia helped me to remain focused and personally accountable for the goals I set. A big part of my motivation to succeed was a result of Marcia's positive approach!”

Scott E.

Satisfied Client

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