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Sarah P.

I had never used a “life coach” before I was introduced to Marcia Keener.  She was easy to talk to and she a good listener. She recognized that I had a lot of ideas, wishes and dreams that needed to be channeled. After our first visit I had homework.  I needed to write down ideas, wishes and dreams. She was able to steer me toward a way to order my thoughts so that we could develop some much needed order to my life.  I am so grateful for encouragement and advice and would highly recommend her.

Julie P.

Masterful. If asked to describe Marcia Keener in one word, I would use the word masterful.  Marcia has been an integral part of my journey of self-discovery and self-transformation. She is wise and kind, and she provided just the right amount of guidance to help me develop and meet my relationship, wellness, and career goals. Marcia has my whole-hearted recommendation because she puts her whole heart in all that she does for her clients.

Sandra A.

Marcia is such a great fresh of breath air that she allows you to step back and reassess your situation. She has a great way of helping you reflect on your goals and figure structure into your life. I really feel like she is a “life coach” and I think her background lends itself that I would ask for her advice with other decision making situations.

Gary K.

Marcia helped me by coaching me to eat more (6) and smaller meals. Rethinking the meals and snacks I eat on the road, which are a lot.

Kimberly M.

Marcia and I met this past Saturday, had a wonderful meeting. She is such a nice person, and I felt really comfortable talking with her. She already has my goals lined out that we discussed and I am starting work on that this week!

Moving along and feeling great.

Thanks for your help 🙂

Scott E.

Marcia helped me to remain focused and personally accountable for the goals I set. A big part of my motivation to succeed was a result of Marcia’s positive approach!”

John W.

Corpus Christi, TX

After my retirement in June of 2015, I really felt overwhelmed by the options my retirement afforded me. After connecting with Marcia, my path became clear and crucial decisions comfortable. Her compassionate and patient guidance of my new career choice has buoyed my spirits and energized my efforts. In my new vocation, I tend to those going through difficult times; I try to be there for them. Just like Marcia Keener was there for me. Thank you, Marcia for being on my team.

Lorena P.

Working with Marcia was a truly enlightening experience. She assisted me in clarifying and articulating my goals and in helping me to understand where I wanted to focus my efforts. I appreciate her skill, ability to listen without judgment, and her empathy. She is someone I’d highly recommend.