What Is Wellness Coaching

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I wonder what it would be like to...

 Live a life full of energy and vitality…

 Engage in activities and relationships I enjoy…

 Eat delicious, nutritious, and energy-giving food…

 Be productive and energized when I need to be, and…

 Be able to relax and unwind when my day’s work is done.

Why Wellness Coaching?

Many people find themselves stuck and don’t have tools to move forward:

– Demands of everyday life are greater than ever.
– Wellness, nutrition, fitness, and diet guidelines are bewildering.
– Navigating the mental obstacles for change can be daunting.
– Prior personal failures can prevent current action.
– Loss and grief can be overwhelming and life-draining.

Partnering with a Wellness Coach will give you the information you need, empower you to believe in yourself, and lead to life-refreshing change.

How Coaching Works

Video courtesy of Wellcoaches.com.

Catch a Vision of Yourself

Alongside Marcia, you will catch a vision of a vibrant and vital YOU. As your wellness coach, Marcia partners with you to provide support and expertise to achieve your vision.

Nutrition, goal setting, fitness, stress-reduction, weight loss, and medical compliance are all components of a successful personal wellness plan.

You will break through obstacles that have been holding you back, and Marcia will cheer you on through every step of your journey.