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Wellness Coaching Services in Portland Texas

At MJ Keener Coaching our Wellness Coaching Services in Portland Texas are personalized and meet the needs of each individual client. There are many ways that you can take the first step towards a more vibrant, well-lived life. For many, a more personal one-on-one approach is requested, and for others a group approach is preferred. The following service options allow you to choose the level of engagement that most suits you or your organization.

Personal Wellness Coaching Services

Partnering with a Wellness Coach will give you the information you need, empower you to believe in yourself, and lead to life-refreshing change. Alongside Marcia, you will catch a vision of a vibrant and vital YOU. As your wellness coach, Marcia partners with you to provide support and expertise to achieve your vision. reach out to Marcia for more information on personal wellness coaching services in Portland Texas. Click here to find out how it works.

Personal Life Coaching Services

You may need help talking through a tough time such as a career transition or the loss of a loved one, or you may be seeking a partner on a longer journey towards a well-balanced life. Personal Life Coaching Services are an ecellent choice. Marcia is a perfect partner on either path, and will help you become more engaged in your own journey. People who engage in conversation with a Life Coach make faster, more informed decisions, feel more secure in the choices they make, and find that they have a great sense of clarity surrounding their future. Click here to find out how it works.

Online Group Coaching Services

Group coaching is a powerful way to utilize a coach while hearing from others who have similar struggles and life challenges. Groups function as support networks with others who have also committed to making a change. Each group is no more than 10 people who meet online once a week to hear from Marcia, share success stories with one another, work on new goals, and change together. No need to drive to an appointment, just call in and connect to our easy and convenient online coaching services!

Click here to find out how it works.

Groups & Business Coaching Services

Groups and business wellness coaching services in Portland Texas with MJ Keener CoachingAs a certified Wellness Coach and DISC Profile Trainer, Marcia collaborates with groups to open the conversation to a healthier and better functioning dynamic. The DISC assessment discovers individuals’ personality styles, and a certified trainer like Marcia, will share ways that your group can work best together based on those personality styles. Leadership trainings, DISC assessments and trainings, and business coaching sessions are one way that a group can prosper from MJ Keener’s expertise. Transform the way you lead your team so you can achieve all of your goals with top notch business coaching services!

Speaking Engagements

Marcia Keener is a guest speaker who delivers relevant, applicable, and inspiring content for your organization. Topics for her talks span from wellness and fitness to goal setting and timelines, and are designed to fit the needs of your event. Her wellness talks are perfect for a business dinner or short presentation, and if you are looking for a more interactive workshop, these can be arranged as well.

Contact Marcia today to discuss topics for an upcoming speaking engagement.

Self-Paced Online Coaching

For many people seeking wellness or life coaching, their fast-paced worlds prevent them from being able to carve out time for initial consultations and coaching sessions. For those just beginning to learn the keys to balancing all of life’s pressures and demands, an online, self-paced coaching course is being developed. This course will help you find guidance when you need it as a precursor to Marcia’s more personal one-on-one coaching services.

Contact Marcia today to be alerted when self-paced online coaching becomes available.