Take Care Of Yourself so You Can Have Fun With Your Grandkids This Summer

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Take Care Of Yourself so You Can Have Fun With Your Grandkids This Summer

Fishing with Grandpa summer fun with grandkids

Here at MJ Keener Coaching, we want to partner with you so that you can enjoy life to it’s fullest and create memories full of summer fun with grandkids and other loved ones! You thought you could never love anyone more than your children. Then you held your grandchild and it was new love all over again.

As you hold them, you think about them and your future together. Watching them growing, maturing, laughing and loving them. Now that the summer is here, it’s time to think about what you can do with your grandkids.

Will You be an Active Grandparent Having Fun With Grandkids?

As you live the wonderful process of loving your grandchildren what kind of fun activities with grandkids do you see yourself doing with them? 

Maybe you think about sitting on a warm sandy beach with them and building sand castles together. 

How about roller skating hand in hand to their favorite tunes? 

If you have a grandkid that plays sports, maybe you’ll be sitting on the bleachers, cheering them on when they’re playing baseball or football. 

Visualize What Your Life Could Be Like

So, think about how your life should look so you can spend your days enjoying your grandchildren. 

What kinds of things would you like to do with your grandchildren? 

What sort of impact do you want to have on their lives? 

How do you open the door to bonding with them? 

What are the things you enjoy doing that you’d like to teach and pass on to them? 

How do you love them so they are so excited to see you they run into your arms and give you a big hug?

What do You Need to Change so You Can Have Fun With Grandkids? 

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is going to be important if you want to live your best life with your grandkids. That’s why I offer wellness assessments for my clients. I help you take your life back and make the changes you need. 

I want you to take a minute and think about your health goals. 

Maybe you don’t want to worry about how you look on the beach. 

If you want to roller skate with them or ride a bike, your legs need to be in good shape for fun with Grandkids. 

Or maybe you want to throw a baseball or football with them. 

Possibly, you just feel tired all of the time and need more energy so you can feel good when you are with them. 

Write down your goals so you have something to shoot for. 

Focus on Your Physical and Mental Health

Failing to take care of your physical body begins to affect your mental health. When your body reacts to neglect, it responds with tiredness and irritation. All too often depression moves in. It becomes a vicious cycle. Your body gets tired, so doing activities you would enjoy with them becomes more and more difficult. It isn’t long and you’re spending your life in the recliner watching television.

Here are a few of the things you should focus on to meet your goals:

  • Eat healthier so your body has the nutrients it needs.
  • Make physical exercise and stretching a part of your daily routine.
  • Develop goals for your times together.
  • Implement those goals so you share important things with them.
  • Get out of your recliner to enjoy life with them.

Making positive changes in your life will help you to feel better and enjoy life.

Need Help Making Changes?

If you are thinking about making this the best summer ever with your grandchildren contact me so I can help. There are many ways to accomplish changes in your life’s routines so you can enjoy your retirement. I can help you identify changes you want to make and find the best ways to implement them. 

Don’t let this summer become a summer of watching reruns on TV. Make it a summer of shared memories with your grandchildren. This summer fun with Grandkids can be the best summer ever, for both you and your grandchildren. Don’t let it slip by.

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